Sky Mountain Siberian Cats

Sky Mountain Siberian Cats

About Us

Sky Mountain Siberian Cats is a small hobby cattery conveniently located about an hour north of Seattle, WA and an hour and a half south of the Canadian border. Our cats and cattery are both TICA registered.

My husband and I train and show Arabian horses ( on a national level and we are big animal lovers. When my husband and I were first married, I unfortunately had to give my Manx cats to friends to care for as my husband was allergic to them.  We had been “catless” for five years when our daughter started begging for a kitten.  While visiting one of our clients’ farms to evaluate their herd, we noticed their two beautiful cats.  They went on to explain how they were allergic to cats, but these cats were special; they were Siberian cats from Russia and they were non-allergenic. Even better – they didn’t bother my husband’s allergies.

It wasn’t long after that visit and some research on the internet that I realized Siberian cats were still pretty rare in Washington State. In 2001, I located a breeder in California, Dana Osborn of Willowbrook Siberians, who had a seal lynx point male kitten available. A couple months later, when Harley was old enough, we flew him up to Seattle to live with us.

We had come to realize how special these cats are and what fantastic personalities they had. In 2007, we decided to add more of these wonderful cats to our family.  After searching for some time, we found some very special breeding stock from Russia to start out cattery with.  We have shown some of our cats and their offspring to multiple championships. Many of our kittens have been placed in homes that have never been able to have animals before due to allergies. This is very fulfilling for us as well as striving to breed the best Siberians possible.  We are very proud of our cats and look forward to seeing what they can accomplish in the future.