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About Siberians & Allergies

Siberians are a natural breed; they are Russia's native cats. They first appeared in recorded history around the year 1000 AD. In 1990 the first recorded Siberians were imported to the United States.

The Siberian Cat has a great personality. Their temperament is "dog-like" and they are very affectionate; they like to be near their owner. They often meet you by the door when you come home, sit on your lap, and like to play fetch. They have a triple purr and have a chirping sound they use to greet you. Unlike most cats, Siberians are fascinated with water and love to play in sinks.

Siberians are also known for being hypoallergenic. Siberians have a low occurrence of the FELd1 enzyme in their saliva. This is what causes most people to be allergic to cats. Many people that are allergic to cats can tolerate the Siberian with little to no reaction.

The Siberian is a medium-large cat with the overall appearance of excellent physical condition, strength, power and alertness, modified by a sweet facial expression. The general impression of the body is one of circles and roundness rather than rectangles and triangles, and taking as long as 5 years to reach full maturity. Their coat is semi-long, very dense and come in all colors. Their eyes vary in color from gold to green and all shades in-between. Siberians also come in color points and these will have blue eyes.

If you are considering a cat as a lifelong companion, the Siberian cat will give you years of happiness with its loving personality. Some consider the Siberian for its personality and loyalty. Others purchase them for the hypoallergenic qualities they have. So for whatever reason you want one of these cats, the Siberian is a worthy choice, and you will be forever pleased.